Web Design Critique: The Continent Hotel Bangkok


About The Continent Hotel Bangkok The Continent Hotel Bangkok is a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit which offers luxury and convenience to guests. Aside from a place to stay, the hotel comes with various amenities and facilities such as dining, corporate meeting rooms, co-working space, swimming pool, O2 Sky gym, and internet station among many others. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.thecontinenthotel.com/services-and-facilities/. Loading time and…


Prerequisites Of A Well-Designed Website With Reference To The Website Of Expert Fitouts


A website of a company is its salesman online. It provides the information required by the viewers and enables businesses to generate business leads. Having a well-designed and responsive website has become a necessity for modern businesses. The website should be fast to load and should be organized and neat in order to keep the viewers engaged. The website of a company should have a clean and attractive homepage with…


Essential Features Of A Well-Designed Website With Reference To Website Of Market Sports


Market sports is a reputed company selling AFL merchandise. They have a good collection of caps, tees and hoodies of all the popular AFL teams. Their online stores is a one-stop shop for all the AFL fans to purchase branded AFL clothing and merchandise. This article is a web critique of their website www.marketplace.com.au. Having a good website is crucial to portray a professional image of the company. A website…


Weigh Things First Before You Avail Tax Audit Insurance


A conscientious taxpayer may often ask himself the possibility of getting audited when he sends his tax returns to the IRS. It’s actually a nightmare for taxpayers when a bloodthirsty IRS agent will start ripping apart his returns and ask him to pay more. Around 60% of taxpayers told the IRS Oversight Board that they fear for an audit that’s why they honestly pay their taxes. And this of course…