The Importance Of Responding To Customer Reviews


Checking reviews before buying a new set of pans or choosing a restaurant has become commonplace for most consumers. This shows that consumer reviews make a big difference in securing a customer or losing one. Businesses have multiple ways to encourage customers to leave their feedback but the best is an honest and prompt response to a review. Customers are encouraged to leave their feedback if the business responds to…


Why Customers Must Be Given A Space To Leave Their Feedback


Most businesses understand the importance of customer reviews but the problem is how to encourage them to write glowing reviews that will help close a deal. Happy and satisfied customers are usually eager to leave their feedback but there is no space for their opinions. There are some third-party review platforms that consumers consult before they purchase a product or service. Make sure to register the business in third-party platforms…


Canadian Federal Government Called On To Clearly Define Terms In UNDRIP Bill


Legalese requires clarity and very specific wording, something that law firms like MyDefence are well-aware of. There’s a reason legislators are asked to be very specific and clear with how they phrase and write laws and bills, which is exactly what’s happening with the Canadian federal government. Federal officials are being called on to provide greater clarity regarding how they would put Canada’s laws more in line with the United…