A Website Critique Of The Ugly Christmas Sweater

The website uglychristmassweater.com is an online store ugly Christmas sweater products. From the name of the website itself, the audience and potential customers are given the idea that they are directed to a website that sells ugly Christmas sweater products.

First impression
The website clearly gives a signal to the user of the products that it is selling. You are immediately directed to a homepage that is filled with sweaters which are differently styled from each other with corresponding tag prices. You immediately get the feel that the website owners are not wasting your precious time by directing you first to irrelevant website content. The owners mean business and you feel that urgency from them. Though the business aspect is evident, you can also sense a warm atmosphere when you open the website. The calming color of green invites you to dig in to the website. The faces of the model in uniquely styled sweater are also very charming and professional.

Models wearing sweaters will greet you when you open the website of ugly Christmas sweater. This is a good strategy in that it becomes more convincing that their product is wearable and can fit you with the use of a model. They also place their featured items in the homepage. This is a good strategy in that the potential customer will be immediately directed to the cool items and saleable items in the online shop. What makes the presentation of the products more edgy is by placing the prices of the sweaters. There are also labels wherein they show the old price which is scratched out. This will give a signal to the customer that a good sweater is now on sale. This marketing strategy usually invites more customers to patronize the product

Navigation bar
What is great about this website is that all of the buttons in the navigation bar is functional. There is also only one main navigation bar in the website which is strategically located in the website. You need not scroll down to look for it. You can immediately locate it. The information contained in every button is also very informative and essential for the website’s success.

Posted by kennypforrest