B.C. Lawyer Honored For Work In Defending LGBTQ Community In Court

Lawyers, like those from MyDefence.ca, work hard to be able to practice, in a profession that’s rife with proceedings and complexity. Sometimes, certain issues get pushed aside, necessitating that upstanding individuals and organizations stand up for them.

Barbara Findlay QC is one such individual, a lesbian lawyer from British Columbia, who recently received the Canadian Bar Association’s Georges A. Goyer QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service, for her role in defending queer rights.

Findlay stated that she’s honored to receive the award, but noted that bringing equality to the LGBTQ community is the work of an entire movement. She added that lawyers who work for the marginalized will always be necessary, and that she sees the award as a sign that the profession understands the importance of such individuals’ work.

CBA B.C. Branch President Jennifer Brun stated that lawyers, including those from MyDefence.ca, look up to Barbara, nothing how her work in fighting for LGBTQ rights have made her a community leader in British Columbia and a leading figure in the fight for social justice across Canada.

The Georges A. Goyer QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service is an annual award given to those who have contributed greatly to the law, the legal profession, jurisprudence, as well as closely-related matters in British Columbia. Findlay will receive her award via a virtual ceremony on Feb. 6, 2021.

Findlay has a notable track record, having represented the LGBTQ community in several key issues like same-sex marriage, as well as allowing for two lesbian mothers to be properly registered on the birth certificate of their kids, among other key contributions.

She was called to the B.C. Bar back in 1977, then became part of the Legal Services Society for 10 years, before moving on to become an Adjunct Professor and tenure-track member of the faculty of the Allard School of Law. Following that, she started to work in private for LGBTQ rights starting and hasn’t stopped since.

Her name is properly spelled in lowercase, as that is how she listed it down in her Master of Law Degree, as a way of proving a point. She says that it’s a good illustration of how bad people react when someone deviates even the slightest bit away from what is considered ‘normal’.



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