Web Design Critique: Pro Removalists Sydney


When it comes to competing for removals in Sydney, companies need to make sure they stand out, and Pro Removalists Sydney does well with its site. First impressions last, as they say, and the company’s site does well in that regard. It’s header, a bright blue box that contains links to the site’s pages, which are pretty much what you expect from a company that handles removals in Sydney, all…


Web Design Critique: Amber Tiles


Amber Tiles is a supplier of tiles based in Australia. They have been in the business for more than four decades supplying indoor tiles such as kitchen wall tiles and tiles suitable for outdoor installation. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.ambertiles.com.au. Search Engine Optimization. When searching on a search engine using the keywords indoor outdoor tiles in Australia, the website is included on the top…


Web Design Critique: The Continent Hotel Bangkok


About The Continent Hotel Bangkok The Continent Hotel Bangkok is a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit which offers luxury and convenience to guests. Aside from a place to stay, the hotel comes with various amenities and facilities such as dining, corporate meeting rooms, co-working space, swimming pool, O2 Sky gym, and internet station among many others. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.thecontinenthotel.com/services-and-facilities/. Loading time and…


Prerequisites Of A Well-Designed Website With Reference To The Website Of Expert Fitouts


A website of a company is its salesman online. It provides the information required by the viewers and enables businesses to generate business leads. Having a well-designed and responsive website has become a necessity for modern businesses. The website should be fast to load and should be organized and neat in order to keep the viewers engaged. The website of a company should have a clean and attractive homepage with…


Essential Features Of A Well-Designed Website With Reference To Website Of Market Sports


Market sports is a reputed company selling AFL merchandise. They have a good collection of caps, tees and hoodies of all the popular AFL teams. Their online stores is a one-stop shop for all the AFL fans to purchase branded AFL clothing and merchandise. This article is a web critique of their website www.marketplace.com.au. Having a good website is crucial to portray a professional image of the company. A website…


Weigh Things First Before You Avail Tax Audit Insurance


A conscientious taxpayer may often ask himself the possibility of getting audited when he sends his tax returns to the IRS. It’s actually a nightmare for taxpayers when a bloodthirsty IRS agent will start ripping apart his returns and ask him to pay more. Around 60% of taxpayers told the IRS Oversight Board that they fear for an audit that’s why they honestly pay their taxes. And this of course…


Three Modes To Market Your Motorcycle Dealership Online


Starting a motorcycle dealership is a hectic process. It involves obtaining a lot of permissions, negotiating deals with suppliers, approaching banks for line of credit and obtaining the required insurance. Advertising is also crucial for promoting the business and generating leads. Apart from using age old marketing practices like print advertisements in magazines and newspapers, radio and TV advertisements and billboards, motorcycle dealerships can also use online marketing to increase…


How You Can Save When Shopping for Tyres on the Gold Coast


These days, car tyre manufacturers continue to soar their prices blaming the increase in gas and rubber prices. Certainly, you don’t hope to end with the very cheap tyres or the best ones in the market. However, you will want tyres on the Gold Coast that havegood traction ratings. You can find ways to save money when buying car tyres. Read on to know how to have the best deals…


Web Design Critique: Academy Funeral Services


A banner, with a slideshow, flanked by the words “Here to help you through”. This is the first thingyou’ll see in the official website of Academy Funeral Services, one of the many funeral directors in Sydney, operating in 10 Jane Street, Blacktown NSW 2148. Easy to know thanks to the fact that the business’s address is located directly below the banner. The site, fittingly enough, doesn’t have much fluff to…


Why Get A Courier Quote Before You Choose A Courier Service?


People often find themselves communicating with each other no matter where in the world they may be. As a means of communication, they have even used the Internet and some telecommunication companies. There are also those who still believe in the importance of sending and receiving letters for communication purposes. Though the government has their own postal service, they still fail to deliver urgent documents and mails on time. As…