A Website Critique Of The Ugly Christmas Sweater


The website uglychristmassweater.com is an online store ugly Christmas sweater products. From the name of the website itself, the audience and potential customers are given the idea that they are directed to a website that sells ugly Christmas sweater products. First impression The website clearly gives a signal to the user of the products that it is selling. You are immediately directed to a homepage that is filled with sweaters…


Critique: Ribbons.com


FIRST IMPRESSION My first impression with the website, Ribbons.com, is that you can easily determine what the site is for: ribbons. Unfortunately, the website did not appeal to me as much as it should because of the lack of color. Ribbons are colorful and useful decorative material that is why the website should also be strategically colorful. There is an overabundance of green which is not that pleasing to the…


What Makes The Brony.com A Great Site?


The esteemed brand of ‘My Little Pony’ has brought a concrete reputation to its name. It sells different products ranging from My little pony hoodies, accessories, pajamas and a whole lot more, with girls as its target market. If you have seen this brand and searched them in the net, then you might have already been introduced to its site. The products from this brand is being sold in many…


Critique: Leapfrog Media


Leapfrog Media is a website whose main purpose is to help various companies and websites with SEO. They aim to provide their clients with the best SEO packages Sydney and to help them climb the rankings in Google, drive more traffic and achieve a better and positive ROI. FIRST IMPRESSION: Upon entering the homepage, the first thing to greet you is an informative and creative graphic containing the purpose and…


Web Design Critique: Wardrobe


First impression At a glance, I knew immediately that the site’s target audience is the female population. Nobody would be confused by the objective of the site because it is provided by quality fashion images. My first impression of the site is it is attractive and appealing. The web designer has made efforts to enhance the aesthetics of the home page while ensuring that it does not look cluttered. The…


Web Design Critique on WestRealEstate.com.au


First impression The design of the homepage is too simple that it may fail to catch the attention of users. Simplicity and cleanliness of web design are essential but sometimes a little bit of excitement can increase the number of visitors. The site offers house and land packages but it lacks engaging content. The site does not have a strong visual pull which minimizes its appeal. Navigation Navigation is simple…


Website Critique: Pimlicoplumbers


First impression The site wastes no time in letting you know what it is all about, with the images of plumbers doing their jobs on the landing page. The homepage gave a very good introduction of the site without reading any of the text. The homepage is appropriate for its target audience but what catches the attention was obviously the image of the two cute little boys playing with the…


Web Design Critique: TV Store Online


About TV Store Online TV Store Online is an e-commerce website which opened last September 2004. They sell classic clothings – TV and movie T-shirts as well as memorabilia. The online store is now 20-employee strong. First Impression The website used a clean and simple design. The background colors are toned down and not too flashy, considering they sell clothing and costumes with flashy colors. The pages are put at…


Critique: Kitchenexp.com


First impression: The website, Kitchenexp.com, offers a fairly positive first impression. At first glance, you can easily determine the purpose of the website which is to provide great quality kitchen cabinets, home and kitchen remodeling services. Color and Design: There is not much discernible problem with the color choices and the over-all design of the website. Although the website is too plain, the colors used are not too bright and…


Web Design Critique: WebMD


About WebMD WebMD is a website that aims to provide health information, important tools to manage one’s health and as well as invaluable support to those who are looking for information. The website’s contents are timely and exude credibility. First Impression The site looks very professional. It uses a user friendly theme which is like the vibe of an online clinic. It also showcases what the website is for and…


Critique: Paper Mart


About Paper Mart Paper Mart is a website that is primarily concerned with providing the people with effective and creative packaging. Paper Mart is a family-owned business that has long been catering to the packaging needs of various people and companies. First Impression The website grants a good first impression for first time visitors. From a neutral standing point, the website’s design and layout is simple yet effective. The color…