Canadian Federal Government Called On To Clearly Define Terms In UNDRIP Bill


Legalese requires clarity and very specific wording, something that law firms like MyDefence are well-aware of. There’s a reason legislators are asked to be very specific and clear with how they phrase and write laws and bills, which is exactly what’s happening with the Canadian federal government. Federal officials are being called on to provide greater clarity regarding how they would put Canada’s laws more in line with the United…


B.C. Lawyer Honored For Work In Defending LGBTQ Community In Court


Lawyers, like those from, work hard to be able to practice, in a profession that’s rife with proceedings and complexity. Sometimes, certain issues get pushed aside, necessitating that upstanding individuals and organizations stand up for them. Barbara Findlay QC is one such individual, a lesbian lawyer from British Columbia, who recently received the Canadian Bar Association’s Georges A. Goyer QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service, for her role in…