B.C. Lawyer Honored For Work In Defending LGBTQ Community In Court


Lawyers, like those from MyDefence.ca, work hard to be able to practice, in a profession that’s rife with proceedings and complexity. Sometimes, certain issues get pushed aside, necessitating that upstanding individuals and organizations stand up for them. Barbara Findlay QC is one such individual, a lesbian lawyer from British Columbia, who recently received the Canadian Bar Association’s Georges A. Goyer QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service, for her role in…


How Consumers Respond To Brand Marketing During The Pandemic


Businesses must be aware of how consumers will respond to brand marketing during the pandemic. Consumers treat brands as their trusted partners that will provide them with relevant information on how they are responding to the crisis and how it is affecting the company, its employees, and the products and services it provides. To reinforce the need to stay at home and social distance, the team of McDonalds Brazil decided…


Customer Reviews As Marketing Tools For A Business


Digital marketing agencies know that customer reviews are vital to their online presence, conversion rates, search engine rankings, SEO, and traffic. Right now, the customer’s first instinct is to reach out for the smartphone and check reviews before making a buying decision. Nobody wants to waste time and effort on a business that gave a customer a bad experience. Social proof in the form of reviews, testimonials, celebrity endorsements, and…


The Importance Of AI And Big Data To Logistics And Trucking Companies


The influence of new technology becomes more apparent as many companies in the supply chain and logistics industry undergo digital transformation at considerable speed. In order to remain successful and competitive, logistics, and trucking companies like Titan Transline understand that it is crucial to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data in their day-to-day operations. The logistics sector is not new to AI-driven concepts. Trucking, rail, and ocean freight have been tracked…


Custom Maps for Your Business Institution


Any profit-generating institution must make sure that it maximizes its profit. This is what my Economics teacher taught us in college. And profit maximization, he said, comes in different forms. One is to make your institution appealing. A way to make an institution appealing is of course to make it look physically appealing. So an amusement park, a business complex or even a school campus must be cleaned, designed, and…


Web Design Critique: mydefence.ca


The website of Donich Law is one of the best examples of a website that provides valuable information for people who have been accused of a crime including students who are searching for information on the essential elements of a criminal defence. The focus of the website is to provide relevant information that is why you can’t expect the bold colors, animations and pretty graphics used by ecommerce sites. To…


Web Design Critique: Daily Mail


Are you wondering how the website of king kong sabri suby is designed? Users can scroll through chunks of information without any distractions. As the user scrolls down the page, information simply appears. The design has more potential to engage users because there is less need to navigate to the other pages for more information. The web design translates well to mobile devices. It is very likely that the web…


Web Design Critique: https://mydefence.ca/


The goal of most lawyer’s website is to provide the user with a great experience. Regardless of whether the law firm’s practice is family law or criminal defense law, it is important to focus on content that will attract clients to the practice. Websites of law firms come in different in layouts, styles and colors; check it out here. The first thing that will greet you in the landing page…


4 Benefits Of King Kong Marketing Agency Reviews


Regardless if your business has been in the industry for long or if you are just starting out, you are surely looking for ways to lower your advertising or promotional expenses without jeopardizing your brand’s popularity. To afford brand popularity at almost zero expenses, encourage King Kong marketing agency reviews from your customers. Below are some of the benefits. Better customer reach Consumers and buyers nowadays refer to the internet…


Web Design Critique On Glassdoor


The huge number of folks searching online for jobs and the crucial online reviews from these online users is what makes job-seeking sites with reviews from the likes of King Kong SEO reviews a big hit nowadays. Among the many job marketplaces currently operating is Glassdoor. How Glassdoor competes online The website of Glassdoor has the professional white background look that is paired with black fonts, images, and other coloured…


Pros And Cons Of Being A Web Designer

If you want to be part of a digital marketing company by working as a web designer, it is necessary to understand what to expect from the career. Listed below are some of its pros and cons. Pros Convenience – Being a web designer means you do not need to dress up for work and follow the 9 to 5 office hour-rule. Using your computer at home, you can work…