How Coding Can Improve Your SEO

Majority of web developers and designers make use of SEO but not until they have finished creating a website. They view the process as a way to make specific variables on every page to be optimized to make sure they rank higher in search engines when specific keywords are inputted. The one thing most web developers and designers missed is that coding should be given as much importance when it comes to optimization. Ignoring how coding is optimized is like building something on poor foundation. There are many important benefits that coding can contribute when it comes to SEO. Here are some ways it can build up your site’s rank:

  • Spider programs that are used by search engines have limitations with regards to its ability to craw and index your website. These programs are only effective in reading texts but the other elements that you have on your website such as script files, image, video and audio can be an obstruction when it comes to the programs crawling and indexing. With this, important text on the site might be missed. This is why coding should be validated to make sure that all your texts are being interpreted correctly.
  • If you create URLs that are search engine friendly, this will not only have a positive impact on the SEO of your site but it will be good for the users as well. There are many ways you can do to change the code of your site in order to prevent your URL from having too much codes and characters. These ways are dependent on the platform that your website is running on. If you are using Joomla and WordPress, a plug in will help you make these changes or you can tweak the dashboard settings a bit.
  • If you know that you have created a clean code from the start, it does not guarantee that it will remain so over time. Any changes in the website will soon result to various errors and might have a negative impact on the operation of your site. To make sure that you site have proper SEO at all times, make sure the code is readable by removing excess whitespace, employ an HTML validator to remove broken tags and unpaired ones and utilized a tool that will delete all the broken links.

Posted by kennypforrest