Critique: Bathroom & More Store’s Stone Basin Sets Webpage


When I had first entered the website, the first thing to catch my attention was a large image of an on-sale vanity unit with a stone basin. After a while I had then realized that this image was part of a carousel or an image slideshow. According to numerous web design experts, carousels are considered as an outdated trend but nevertheless, in my opinion, it still manages to effectively showcase and advertise the services and products of a website and the same can be said here.

Apart from the carousel, what had actually impressed me about the website is its careful and effective use of colour. I loved how all the colours had complemented each other. The designers of this webpage had definitely made the right colour choices when they had used white for the background and a light and dark blue combination.


The navigation aspect of the website is mostly simple. However, in the website, you will find two navigation panels. The main navigation panel below the company logo only consists of four navigation buttons and all of them refer to the services and products offered by the website. The second navigation panel can be found above the search panel adjacent to the logo and is a lot smaller in size compared to the first one. This panel features more about the company, its products, contacts and a blog.


The design of the webpage is overall simple but the effective use of colour had made it visually appealing. On the topmost area, you will find the company logo, a cart showing how many items you are considering to buy and how much they all cost, and a search panel. Below that is the carousel mentioned above and below the carousel is a brief introduction to the product being featured on the page. Following that is a selection of measurements and images of the products for sale.

The bottommost area of the webpage contains other links, popular categories and certifications.


The webpage has been effectively designed and the products such as marble bathroom basins have been showcased excellently that makes it easier to convince potential customers into making a purchase.

Posted by kennypforrest