First impression:

The website,, offers a fairly positive first impression. At first glance, you can easily determine the purpose of the website which is to provide great quality kitchen cabinets, home and kitchen remodeling services.

Color and Design:

There is not much discernible problem with the color choices and the over-all design of the website. Although the website is too plain, the colors used are not too bright and striking which can be very painful to look at. The features aren’t too complex which is really good for those who are not fond of complex and edgy design. It is user-friendly; you can easily navigate through the entire website without having to experience any problems. The content is also good and direct. The purpose of the website is easily identified through its direct to the point content. There wasn’t any need to further elaborate the line of products because they had made us of a slideshow presentation featuring the website’s line up of products and services. They had also kept the introduction of their company and their goals at a minimum, placing them all at a single page along with the lineup of products, services and brands. The website is also interactive and social media friendly as it allows the viewers and potential customers to consult the company through a consultation panel placed at the right side of the website’s home page. The website allows you to connect to Facebook and Twitter with their icons integrated and placed above the home page. Everything was kept simply yet elegant which is good in convincing a mature audience.

Problems encountered:

The only problem with the website is the plainness of its design. Simplicity is beauty, but too much simplicity can make dull the appearance and purpose of the website. It is good for a mature audience, but don’t forget that even mature adults are transitioning into the modern way of living. It is best if they integrate more features and add a little complexity to the design to give a little more edge.


Over-all, the website has definitely fulfilled its purpose of showcasing their line of products and services. The website design and features are acceptable enough to convince potential customers in hiring their remodeling services and purchasing their kitchen cabinets and other products.

Posted by kennypforrest