Critique: Paper Mart

About Paper Mart

Paper Mart is a website that is primarily concerned with providing the people with effective and creative packaging. Paper Mart is a family-owned business that has long been catering to the packaging needs of various people and companies.

First Impression

The website grants a good first impression for first time visitors. From a neutral standing point, the website’s design and layout is simple yet effective. The color choices are also appealing for the general public and nothing too strong or heavily themed. They are elegant to look at and fits quite nice with the website’s theme and purpose.

Appearance, Design and Features

The appearance is really good. It is simple yet elegant and definitely pleasing to the eyes. Some might find a problem with the color choices but it isn’t something the general public will hate. The design is very impressive. Not too complex and not basic either. Everything seems to be well balanced out. How the content is carefully and effectively placed in the website. People would definitely never get confused. The images of the merchandise are also effectively dominating the website which is a good thing for attracting potential customers. Another great thing about the website is how everything seems to be in order. Everything is definitely grouped together according to their features and purpose.

The search feature is made easy. The website is user friendly. People would not find any difficulty navigating through the website. The website was focused on the merchandise rather than the company itself. Some websites focus on marketing the name and not the products but this website is not like those. Another thing that’s impressive with the website is that it does not need to further convince the people with enticing words, it’s the images themselves that would entice you. It has all the right tools that a website needs and quite honestly, there isn’t any obvious flaw to criticize.


The website is effectively built. It does its purpose of accommodating the customers and potential clients. The layout is impressive. It didn’t need to be integrated with high-tech features and applications. The website,, can effectively sustain itself and can effectively convince customers to purchase their products.

Posted by kennypforrest