My first impression with the website,, is that you can easily determine what the site is for: ribbons. Unfortunately, the website did not appeal to me as much as it should because of the lack of color. Ribbons are colorful and useful decorative material that is why the website should also be strategically colorful. There is an overabundance of green which is not that pleasing to the eye.

The navigation is not complex, making it very suitable for all types of visitors. The navigation panel, which consists of six navigation buttons, is also very straightforward, direct and easy to understand. They will take you to and from the homepage, an about us page, tutorial page, shopping page, and a gallery dedicated to all kinds of ribbons for the human eye to enjoy. The simplicity of the site and how it is able to load at an exceptional speed is also admirable.

There is no overabundance of content and all of them are informative and relevant to what the site is for. Upon arrival, you will be immediately greeted with a slideshow of various images of ribbons that are linked to a whole new page that is filled with all kinds of useful information. The website has also showcased a number of different styles of ribbons below the slideshow.

Simplicity rules over the website. There are no complexities and clutter within the website and you would also see an abundance of space. At the top right of the website, there are a number of social media icons that are linked to various social networking sites and below it is a telephone number which people can use to connect with them.

While simplicity is good for websites, I feel that they should have done more to their logo. It doesn’t give much of an impression to me than it should have done. I recommend increasing the size of the logo to make it more significant. In the bottom part of the homepage, you will see an area dedicated to explaining what the website is for along with some helpful suggestions of instructional articles.

Although the website lacks in the appearance aspect of the design, it made up with usability. The website is easy to navigate through and use, providing no hassle to the visitors.

Posted by kennypforrest