Custom Software Development To Watch Out For In 2021

In spite of the many challenges that custom software development companies have experienced in 2020, the industry still managed to make strides in innovation across the world. In 2020, there was a noticeable increase in CI/CD pipeline implementation including the use of blockchain in data tracking. These trends are expected to continue in 2021 while new upcoming technologies are predicted to grow.

Custom software developers must be updated with latest developments to keep up with market demand and sustain long-term growth. First of all, software developers must be aware of the latest upcoming programming languages that will dominate the market like Kotlin and Scala languages. Coding language Rust is also expected to gain popularity next year because Microsoft is planning to adopt the language.

A must-watch trend in 2021 is machine learning tools that are expected to grow in popularity. Many enterprises that want to improve their efficiency are using machine learning technologies to automate testing and analysis procedures. Many of the ML platforms allow enterprises to access informative predictions about a software model and its different versions to gain better insight on any software projects. Most of the ML platforms are highly scalable making them the must-have to support custom software development growth.

Another major software development trend to watch out for is container registries. As Docker usage grows, it is important to integrate an advanced container registry in the pipeline. For example, by installing JFrog’s Artifactory Docker registries, it will be easier to manage image storage in SDLC. Containerization software can accommodate any number of users and build servers to support the enterprise.

IoT development platforms are key to the growth of custom software enterprises. Many of the merging IoT platforms provide end-to-end support to connected devices in a large cloud system. They also have open-source kits to connect to a variety of hardware devices like sensors and gateways.

Another trend in custom software development is native app tools that provide better user experience than hybrid applications. As companies invest in iOS and Android devices, many would be seeking for custom native apps that have the ability to streamline day-to-day processes.

Posted by kennypforrest