Essential Features Of A Well-Designed Website With Reference To Website Of Market Sports

Market sports is a reputed company selling AFL merchandise. They have a good collection of caps, tees and hoodies of all the popular AFL teams. Their online stores is a one-stop shop for all the AFL fans to purchase branded AFL clothing and merchandise. This article is a web critique of their website

Having a good website is crucial to portray a professional image of the company. A website is the online salesperson of the business as it attracts viewers and converts them into business leads to increase the revenues and profits of the company. The website of market sports, a leading AFL store is very responsive and well designed. It uses a good mix of content and images to make it easy for the viewers to know about the different products on sale and their prices.

Responsiveness – With the growing use of tablets and mobiles to search the internet, responsiveness of a website plays a crucial role in attracting viewers to a website The AFL store website is highly responsive and well designed. It loads quickly even on the mobile and tablet screens and that is the reason it appears on top even in mobile searches.

Loading time – Modern websites need to have faster loading times in order to attract the viewers and keep them engaged. A website should be able to load in three seconds for maximum benefit. Viewers have short attention spans and are always in a hurry. They prefer to leave the site if it does not load fast and view the websites of competitors. The website of Market Sports, a leading AFL store is very fast. It does not contain any heavy elements that slow down the loading process.

Content and information – Content is the king on the internet. A website has to provide useful and up-to-date content, if it wants to engage the viewers and reduce the bounce rate. The content should be properly organized and be easy for the viewers to find out. There is no use hiding good content inside the website, if it not easily found. The AFL store website contains apt content and uses high definition images to engage the viewers. It has the contact information, email sign- up page and an about us section to connect with the viewers. The websites provides all the required information about the delivery, returns and refunds policy and terms and conditions.



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