Four Essential Features For Designing a Business Website

The website of a business acts like its virtual salesman. It is essential for the website to be attractive and useful in order to attract the viewers and convert them into business leads. You can create a website for the business easily using the different tools available on the internet or hire professional web designers to do the task. However, these are some of the essential elements for a website to be successful.

Contact details

The website should display the contact details of the business so that the viewers can easily contact the company for further engagement. The viewers should be able to view the contact information like the phone numbers, email-address and physical address of the company as soon as they click site address and visit your page. For example, the website, exhibits the phone numbers and email address of the company, right at the top of the homepage.

Easy navigation

The website should be easy to navigate. Most of the visitors will leave the page, if they find the website hard to navigate. The attention span of the viewers is short and it is essential for the website to have easy navigation in order to keep them engaged. The website should contain easy to understand and common names for different pages. Using fancy names, will not only distract the viewers but also makes it difficult for them to find the required information. They should be able to identify the pages, they are looking for immediately after they click site URL and visit the homepage.

Integration with social media

There are a lot of social media applications on the internet. Businesses should identify the social media platforms frequented by their target customers and create accounts in those platforms. The website of a business should be integrated with the other social media pages of the business. The website should contain links to the social media pages so that the visitors can connect with the business on those apps.

Responsive design

A majority of the viewers use smartphones and tablets to search for products and services. It has become essential for businesses to have mobile friendly websites. Moreover, google and other search engines also prefer responsive websites and rank them high. Having a mobile friendly design, helps the viewers to get good view of the website, when they click site address on their tablet or smartphone screens.

Posted by kennypforrest