How Consumers Respond To Brand Marketing During The Pandemic

Businesses must be aware of how consumers will respond to brand marketing during the pandemic. Consumers treat brands as their trusted partners that will provide them with relevant information on how they are responding to the crisis and how it is affecting the company, its employees, and the products and services it provides.

To reinforce the need to stay at home and social distance, the team of McDonalds Brazil decided to re-draw the two iconic arches in the brand’s logo. The two sides of the brand’s logo’s “M” were drawn apart to signify social distancing.

Meanwhile, Nike reinforced the need to stay at home through a new ad copy that says “play inside, play for the world.” These brands are keeping their customers fully informed and reassured at the same time that they are enhancing brand awareness. By delivering information, these brands have created strong relationships with their customers.

The core expectation of consumers is for brands to do what is right for their employees, suppliers, customers, and society irrespective of the costs. However, customers do not want brands to take advantage of the crisis. Brand storytelling in their marketing campaigns must reflect the new environment and not turn a deaf ear to the crisis. Consumers want real solutions, not hard-core advertising.

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