In Focus: Paper Mart’s Shipping Supplies Page


Paper Mart provides needed supplies to get any home or business office ready for shipping items with ease.  If you are looking for websites that can help you determine what you need for your shipping, this is where you should go.

First Impression

Paper Mart’s Website displays a traditional design, which even seems retro. This kind of design has two things for the viewers. First, it gives an impression that they have been in the business for so long, and that they are taking their craft seriously. Another impression would be that they are more focused in presenting relevant content than changing their website’s look every now and then. Paper Mart’s Website seems to speak volume – they prioritize the function more than the form.

Function vs. Form
Prioritizing the function more than the form is not actually a bad thing. If you are a business owner and you want to find supplies for your shipping, you can go through the pictures available on the site. The supplies are arranged according to use: boxes and cartons, papers, cushioning products, among others.

Content/Search Bar

There is also a list of items available at the left side of the page. This layout is strategic, having two clients in mind: first, clients who are shopping for possible supplies will just have to look at the grid of pictures; and second, clients who have come visit the page because they already know what they need, just have to look at the list of items on the left.

Photo Gallery

Another helpful feature of the website is the text below the gallery of pictures. This is helpful for first timers who are not familiar with shipping supplies. There is a comprehensive description of supplies and their use.

In general, Paper Mart’s shipping supplies page is customer-friendly. Every feature of the page leads to customer satisfaction. A viewer would usually browse a page from left to right then scroll it downwards. The page delivers valuable information at every turn. It has a contact number on the topmost left corner of the page, and another on the bottom right corner of the page. It also has a search box with a pull down menu displaying different categories, in case you want to search by product, box size or by the page number.

Posted by kennypforrest