Most Common Questions About US-Canada Cross-Border Trade

Transporting freight across the US-Canada border is closely similar to moving freight domestically. However, there are a few steps that require working with a licensed and bonded logistics and trucking provider that has extensive experience in moving freight with the latest equipment and advanced hardware and software technologies.

An efficient cross-border trade between the US and Canada requires a customs broker who is licensed and authorized by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to help shippers in the import and export of goods across the border. Cross-border trade requires forms necessary for entry that the customs broker must know like certificates of origin, commercial invoices, shipment passports, etc. The customs broker also knows which regulations apply to the payment of duties, tariffs, and fees.

One of the most common questions of US-based businesses that want to try cross-border trade is the cost of shipping to Canada. Cross-border shipping is more expensive and complicated than shipping domestically because of the duties and taxes in addition to regular shipping costs. The shipping cost can also be affected by factors like commodity, origin, destination, date, and equipment. Logistics and trucking providers usually have an online quote tool for an all-inclusive estimate of the shipping costs.

Another common question is the transit time from the US to Canada. Transit time can be affected by origin and destination. Trucking providers use a transit time calculator to provide an estimation. There are some shipments that will arrive within 24 hours from pickup; however, there are others that may take a few days.

To minimize delays, it is important to provide the proper customs paperwork to the truck driver upon pickup so that the shipment will move seamlessly across the border. Inaccurate and missing documents are the most common causes of delay and result in shipments not clearing the border.

Transporting freight across the US-Canada border requires working with an experienced Titan Transline that understands the whole process. Products are seamlessly moved across the border with regular timely updates. A professional team can handle even the most complex transport requirements. Clients are assured of a personalized, custom, and caring service.

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