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Critique: Paper Mart

About Paper Mart Paper Mart is a website that is primarily concerned with providing the people with effective and creative packaging. Paper Mart is a family-owned business that has long been catering to the packaging needs of various people and companies. First Impression The website grants a good first impression for first time visitors. From a neutral standing point, the website’s design and layout is simple yet effective. The color…


Rock Your Power Blog Critique

This is a critique of the Rock Your Power blog found at rockyourpower.com. The first thing that can be noticed is that the navigation tab is stuck in an awkward position. It stays at a third of the page. Clicking on a button and the next page has the same awkwardly placed navigation tab. Moving the page down just a little bit allows you to see a portion of the…


Essential Tips To Keep Motivated While On HCG Weight Loss Program

No matter what endeavor you get into, it is important that keep yourself motivated for you to keep going and eventually achieve your goals.  This includes HCG weight loss program that you may have started. With all the fatty and high calorie food around, resisting to temptations can be so hard. It can also be easier to browse your social media account instead of jogging or taking a brisk walk…