Reviews As The Voice Of Customers

People know that advertisements are made with the idea of enticing their audience to invest in a product or service. However, consumers do not take too kindly to advertisements because they sometimes go beyond annoying. When consumers want to buy a product or service, they read reviews online from people who have had a personal experience with the brand.

For example, a consumer who is planning to purchase a smartphone will view advertisements but the purchase decision will be influenced by the customer reviews posted on the site. It is very obvious that customers are more honest when leaving a feedback. They often provide a full opinion on the pros and cons of a product or service based on their hands-on experience. Advertisements only show the good points; not an honest to goodness critique.

There was a time when advertisements were quite popular with consumers until they have become misleading. In their effort to enhance the product’s values, they would add appealing features. Compared to advertisements, people consider reviews as the voice of customers that reveals the truth about a product or service. Consumers can form an opinion quickly after reading reviews which strongly affects their purchase decision.

There is nothing more powerful than the voice of people that is why a digital marketing agency encourages its clients as well as its employees to post king kong advertising reviews on third-party review sites. In order to influence employees to post favourable reviews, the digital agency makes sure to create the best work experience for them.

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