Rock Your Power Blog Critique

This is a critique of the Rock Your Power blog found at

The first thing that can be noticed is that the navigation tab is stuck in an awkward position. It stays at a third of the page. Clicking on a button and the next page has the same awkwardly placed navigation tab. Moving the page down just a little bit allows you to see a portion of the header hidden behind the navigation tab.

The website has a feminine feel to it. The choice of colors promotes a relaxing mood. The right sidebar includes an ad display as well as the info of the blog’s owner. Each post has a cute picture that makes any visitor feel at home. After clicking the Home button in the navigation tab, it directed me to a page with advertisements about the site’s offered services. At the bottom of the home page is a claim section for a free 30-minute consultation with the blogger to discuss their services.

The site is simple and easy to navigate. The blog is personalized by using the blogger’s own photos. It is with just the right amount of femininity.

To conclude, the website page is generally likeable. It is done well and the blogger did their best to try to make the site more personalized. Except for the navigation tab that seemed to have been put by mistake, the rest looks great. The color combination, the font size as well as the advertisements make it great. The consultation section makes me feel that the blogger really cares about my situation. Finally, the search box at the bottom of the Home page offers help in finding topics from the website that matters to me. All that needs to be done is type in the keyword and the list of entries with the topic will appear. This is a great way of easily searching the site since it uses keywords and not the whole title of the blog entry. The thumbnails used by each entry are of medium size making it easy to see.

The website is something many won’t mind revisiting.

Posted by kennypforrest