Safestore Website Review

Today, we’ll be reviewing the website of Safestore, which is a self-storage company that includes business storage Manchester as one of its specialites.

About Safestore
Safestore is the UK’s largest and Europe’s second largest provider of self storage solutions. Our principal operations are located in the UK, where we have over 100 stores including two Business Centres with a further 25 stores in Europe.

Safestore has an impressive track record in managing and developing its assets. With over 43,700 customers and 123 stores, Safestore has a strong understanding of the evolving needs of its customers and a robust operational platform from which to continue to deliver sustained growth.

Our strength lies in our ability to combine a deep understanding of a rapidly expanding growth market with the commercial and operational skills to provide flexible self-storage solutions for an expanding UK and European customer base. We have the expertise, knowledge and skills to benefit from the evolving self storage market and return value to shareholders.

First impression
The moment I opened the Safestore homepage I was greeted with a sea of blue and a little bit of white. Though the color choices are not exactly the most aesthetically appealing, it does match the blue company colors of Safestore. By sticking with what the company has been using as their main colors, they mean to stick to tradition by carrying it all the way to their website.

Next, the homepage immediately has a fill-up form that allows you to get a quick quotation for a storage unit at the nearest possible store.

Other than that, they also have their contact number immediately on top of the homepage and every other webpage on the site, which means that they really want you to contact them at any time possible.

Navigating through the webpages isn’t very difficult as every tab on the navigation panel pulls down to reveal more options. Virtually everything you need to know about Safestore is available by navigating through the webpages. It even lists down all the facilities they have throughout the country.

There aren’t any plugins on the website except for a slideshow on the homepage that shows special offers and a video that helps you get to know more about the company.

My account
One of the best things about the website is that they allow you to make your own account and sign-in ID. The account lets you make payments and lets you manage your account as a unit owner on Safestore.

The website is your typical business website that features everything to know about the company. It is typical in the sense that most content on the website gears the visitor towards making business with them. One of the best things about the website, as I previously said, the My Account feature that allows the unit owner to virtually manage his unit and payments online.

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