Signs For A Marketing Agency That A Client Might Not Be For Them

The sad fact of the matter is that not every relationship works. That sounds really sappy and irrelevant, but client-provider relationships are just that, relationships.

For marketing agencies constantly fighting for their slice of the pie, here are a few things to keep an eye for in order to avoid being stuck with a client that won’t work for them.

They’re outside your niche or industrya

First things first, a marketing agency has a niche or industry that they work in. It’s their scope; where they work the best in, but also where they’re limited to.

Sure, they can work outside of it, but the results aren’t the best. That’s why a marketing agency shouldn’t water their brand simply to meet a client’s needs. Clients that aren’t in your agency’s niche can’t be used in your portfolio, while overly-needy ones will just crimp your agency.

Neither of those are a good time.

They don’t have a site, but they say it’ll be done “in a week”

Take note of the airquotes here. Web development takes months, at the very least, depending on the complexity of the site.

If your client wants to run ads without a completed site, then that’s a massive red flag. Drop them as soon as possible in the gentlest way possible, and tell them to get back to you once they actually have a site up and running.

They don’t respect your agency’s policies

It doesn’t matter how sweet the deal the client is pitching is, if they won’t respect your agency’s policies, then it’s time to pack it up.

It might hurt to get hit with a bad king kong marketing agency review for rejecting a client, but remember that policies are there to make sure your agency runs smoothly. If the client can’t respect that, what are the odds of them respecting your agency?

Posted by kennypforrest