The Importance Of AI And Big Data To Logistics And Trucking Companies

The influence of new technology becomes more apparent as many companies in the supply chain and logistics industry undergo digital transformation at considerable speed. In order to remain successful and competitive, logistics, and trucking companies like Titan Transline understand that it is crucial to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data in their day-to-day operations.

The logistics sector is not new to AI-driven concepts. Trucking, rail, and ocean freight have been tracked through satellite for decades. Elements of AI are being regularly used for predictive analysis in intelligent transportation, route planning, demand planning, inventory management, etc. However, the industry has not utilized Big Data fully until recently.

The way that accessible data is being used has changed. AI was able to exist on a smaller scale without the need to increase volume, velocity, or variety, however, new types of data have emerged in recent years and there has been a considerable increase in the speed of how data is created. Big Data that ensures that collected data can be used in actionable ways is now being used to analyze and identify patterns and provide insight on every link in the supply chain.

Every step in the logistics chain revolves around data that must be analyzed in real-time to provide immediate insight on how to manage operations efficiently. Data is generated from the seamless automated check-in at the airports or from monitoring temperature-controlled trucks that are delivering perishables and pharmaceuticals.

It is vital for logistics companies to collect, store, and process intelligent data to make real-time personalized actions that will result in an efficient logistics cycle. It is also important to have complete visibility and transparency at every stage of the journey. Logistics teams must have a comprehensive picture of their data so that they can immediately act on real-time information and ensure an undisrupted and optimal logistical process.

Logistics companies will benefit from introducing AI in every aspect of the supply chain. The high volume of data generated by the supply chain can be exploited by logistics companies through AI. By integrating this technology, operational efficiency will be enhanced and areas of friction can be pinpointed immediately.

Posted by kennypforrest