Website Design Dos And Don’ts

There are a lot of good and bad things that you can do while designing a website. Here are some of those.

  • No page counters. You should do away with the page counters as they do nothing except make you look like one who is an amateur. If you are interested in knowing how many people visited your website, you can ask for your host for some server statistics. Your host will be able to provide you with some detailed stats.
  • Do away with blinking and flashing texts. The only place that you will see flashing and blinking texts are on neon signs of naked bars and in websites that were made in the 90s. Your website will look outdated and cheap if you incorporate these in your website.
  • Ensure that the titles on your web pages make sense. One of the most important things to consider in your web page is the title. People will pay careful attention to the titles of the web page and you should make them clear and understandable.
  • You should not force visitors to download a new browser or a new plug-in just to visit your website. Unless you have a website that people will be dying to see, you should not limit your audience. Today, with the help of HTML and CSS, you can certainly present fantastic looking pages without jumping the hoops of old timers.
  • Rethink about using framesets. Years ago, you may argue that it is good to use frameset as the layout capabilities of HTML are quite lousy. Today thought, with CSS positioning supported by all major browsers, there is really no need to use framesets.
  • Do not pull up some hidden tricks in order to fool the search engines. In the past, most masters in designing websites make use of disreputable antics in an attempt for their websites to rank higher in search engines. The days of tricking search engines have long been gone and if you try to trick Google, your website will surely die a painful death.

It is important to keep those items listed above in mind when asked to design websites whether that be engaged in selling 7th response alarms or other items.

Posted by kennypforrest