Three Components That Make A Website Attractive

Majority of the people use internet to search and buy products and services. Internet marketing has become a critical element in the marketing strategy of a business. Website is an important component that plays a major part in the success of internet marketing strategy. A website should be user friendly and have high functionality in order to be effective in engaging with the viewers.

Here are three guidelines to help you in creating user-friendly and functional website. The guidelines are explained with reference to, the website of a carpet cleaning in Perth business, to make them easy to understand.

The homepage should be free of clutter

Viewers generally scan through the webpages. They skim the content and search for relevant keywords and phrases. The homepage of a website should be clutter free and only provide the viewers with the appropriate information. Use of photographs and videos can also help to communicate effectively with the visitors. The website of Breath Easy carpet cleaners is a perfect example of a clutter free site. The website uses a good combination of text, videos and images to convey information to the viewers in an effective manner.

A clean layout and design

A website should be visually appealing in order to attract the attention of the viewers. The attention span of the viewers is very short and the website should be able to engage with the viewers in short time span. The information should be provided in a clear hierarchy so that the viewers are compelled to follow. The colour palette, contrast between the text and background, size of images and text are some of the elements that accentuate the design of a page.

Quality content

Superior content which is organized neatly helps a website to be effective in attracting followers. The content should be informative and easy to understand. A keyword rich content helps the website to achieve higher rankings in search engines. The content should be fresh and updated., is the website of a carpet cleaning in Perth Company. The website provides the viewers with appropriate information about the importance of carpet cleaning, different methods used for carpet cleaning, other types of cleaning services provided by the company, the licenses required for carpet cleaning companies etc. The content is in simple and easy to understand language and contains the relevant keywords used by majority of the viewers.

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