About Us

We at XHTML Slash CSS will help you choose the best web design and web design company for you. Our job is to give reviews and critiques on website design companies to help people know what’s best and what’s not.

Web design has become popular ever since the internet came into existence. With the internet now playing a great role in the lives of normal people, many entrepreneurs and businesses are taking hold of this opportunity to market their products online. Because of this, the need to have a suitable website for an online presence had also become a good opportunity for web designers and developers to market themselves and showcase their talents. Unfortunately, not all of these talents can help you.

If not chosen carefully, your chosen web designer could cause your business to lose revenue because of irresponsible web designing.

That is the reason why we are here. We filter out the good ones from the bad ones and the good ones from the best. We pay extra attention to every little detail of a web design.

We help sort out the web design companies that can help people from the ones that cannot. We distinguish those who have shown exemplary skills and have provided an astounding service to their clients. We take into consideration the design, the quality, customer service and efficiency of a website.

We do not focus solely on rankings in SERPs as they’re not the only important aspect there is to any website. In web design, ‘design’ is of the highest importance. If content is king, then design is the kingdom that shelters it.
It is our job and duty to help the people by giving them suggestions on who the best companies are. We accept your views and opinions and we are open for suggestions.