Web Critique: Brisbane Plumbing And Gas

About Brisbane Plumbing and Gas

Brisbane Plumbing and Gas is a company which offers plumbing and gas fitting repair services. It was established in 2005 with competent and licensed personnel as well as modern facilities and equipment for an excellent customer service and job performance.

Searchability. When searching for the keywords “Brisbane plumbers”, the website appears on the first page of the Google search results but is not on the top list of the companies in the plumbing industry. However, being on the first page is a positive thing because it can capture more users and make the company more popular to the customers.

Usability. The website is convenient to use and full of relevant inputs on plumbing services that guide the clients in their search for plumbing services providers. There are corresponding pages on the menu tabs for easier access of online users.

Navigation. The menu is arranged horizontally on top of the pagewith drop-down menus for some pages. The same menu navigation links can be foundat the bottom of the page that make it convenient for the user because he does not have to go back to the top to open another menu link.

Design and layout. The design of the website is simple but well organized and full of relevant information on plumbing services.The colours are few but bright and attractive. The services offered are well written which gives the user a good idea on the process of each service offered.  A site map showing the different branches of the company is informative of the various locations of the branches.  Seeing the different locations which the company has presence creates a great impact to the clients as this is an indication of the stability of the company. The testimonials both written and video can add to the reliability of the company which is an important thing because reputation is the core of a service company.

Contents. The Brisbane Plumbing and Gas website which offers plumbing services is full of relevant information on plumbing services that the clients would need and want to know. All information are well-written and organized for a more detailed description of the company and its services.

Posted by kennypforrest