Web Design Critique: Absolute Party Hire

Absolute Party Hire is a company that offers products for rent for parties in events. The company is based in Sydney and offers various products including tables, chairs, catering equipment, glassware, linen, flooring, lighting and heater among many others. They are also the go-to company for marquee hire in Sydney because of the wide range of options from clear roof marquees to regular ones. Today we are going to critique their website located at www.absolutepartyhire.com.au.

Searchability. When you search the keywords “party hire Sydney” using Google search engine, the company website is included in the top search results. In fact, it is the fourth website result not including the websites shown as Ads by Google. This is a good thing as majority of the clients will only browse through the first page of the search result.

Navigation. First time visitors to the page will not have a hard time because the website is easy to use. You can see right away where to go as the homepage is free from clutter and links to products based on categories are presented with thumbnail images. You don’t have to go far in order to find their contact details or information regarding the company because there is a menu located at the top of the homepage.

Design. The design is simple and professional. There are thumbnail images used for the product categories but it did not negatively affect the loading speed of the website. They used soft colors to highlight headers and texts are readable.

Content. The best thing about their product list is that it is categorized. The client does not feel overwhelmed seeing every product on one page alone. As you choose a single category, brief descriptions or videos are included for the user to know more about the products for rent. There is also a sub-category provided, if applicable, by choosing from the drop down menu.

Conclusion. All in all, the website is easy to use and navigate. Clients looking for marquee hire in Sydney will most likely rent from the company because everything is explained on their site including how to choose the marquee size for an event. Videos are also included when needed to better highlight the products available for rent.

Posted by kennypforrest