Web Design Critique: Academy Supplies

Knowledge about proper layouts and arrangements is a key attribute for any school furniture supplier that also handles designing and creation of plans for schools, and Academy Supplies’ site offers it a great first impression.

The first thing that’ll greet visitors is the fold, which has all the things you’d expect from a fold by now; key info, links to contact details, account management, search bar, that sort of thing. All neatly organized and presented at the top of the page. Immediately following it, is the content of the page, usually presented by an image or a visual aid of some sort, like a slideshow or a bunch of logos that tell people exactly what each site entails.

Again, the site features a clean, straightforward design and presentation, which is pretty much ubiquitous throughout the whole site. This is, of course, a good attribute for a school furniture supplier, especially one that advertises its services for designing layouts for its customers, which you’ll notice as the main page presents it.

The design philosophy is even reflected in the site’s choice of colours; a primarily white-blue colour scheme, with the blue being just the right shade; dark enough to look professional, but light enough to come across as friendly and welcoming. The utilitarian approach is seen with its use of colours, as pages have nothing but the white background and the grey text, the only colours standing out from the background coming from the images, the link to chat, as well as the fold and the bottom piece.

The professional, minimalist approach gives the site a clean, polished look, but it’s also part of its main weakness; there’s a distinct feeling of emptiness that can be noticed while navigating through the site. As mentioned before, the only splash of colour comes from the images, the visual aids, the chat link as well as from footer and header. That isn’t too bad in pages like “What We Believe”, or the product listings, but for what little pages the site has that has a heavy emphasis on text, that becomes a real issue. These pages suffer the most, as the grey text paired with the white background feels rather bland and uninspired, which is a bit of a shame since the site layout itself feels inspired in how clean it presents itself.

The main issue of the site is, to be clear, not a lack of creativity or improper use of visual stimulation, but simply a lack of vibrancy and personality.



Posted by kennypforrest