Web Design Critique: Affordable Dental Solutions

First impressions last, as the saying goes. For dental companies, that means they can earn serious brownie points just by showing customers smiling accompanied by glowing reviews. Affordable Dental Solutions got the memo, something that’s made clear with their site, AffordableDentalSolutions.com, with its straightforward layout and design accompanied by pleasant images and videos.

First thing that’ll greet visitors to the site is the main header, which has the standard suite of functions and links expected of any good website currently accessible on the internet; links to all pages on the site, relevant social media accounts, contact information, and a big, blue button for requesting appointments. The header will always stick to the top of any browser if the visitor scrolls down the site, which makes it easy for navigation.

What follows is the body itself, and how the site presents itself. Cleverly, AffordableDentalSolutions.com opted to put picture of dentists and satisfied customers, alongside links and videos to customer reviews and feel-good stories about their patients in the past. This shows that the site is aware of the fear a lot of people have with going to the dentist, and does their best to assuage those fears. The site uses a combination of icons, images, and text to help smooth things along, with soft, comic-like aesthetics, again for helping people feel at ease.

Helping this is a cool, calming blue-on-white color scheme, with nice, bright shades to put people at ease, contrasted with the occasional splash of orange for emphasis. It works quite nicely, and pairs well with the images and videos the site uses to advertise itself.

As for navigation, there are buttons that transport the browser to the top of the page if needed. As mentioned before, the main menu is always available at the top of the screen, and there are also links strewn about the body itself. Important announcements are also put atop the main menu, so they’re almost impossible to miss, and the site has links to Google Maps, and other relevant pages, allowing for ease and convenience.

All in all, the site does its job well, and while the considerable amount of empty white space does seem off-putting at times, the judicious use of imagery and visual media helps the site stand out quite nicely.


Posted by kennypforrest