Web Design Critique: Amber Tiles

Amber Tiles is a supplier of tiles based in Australia. They have been in the business for more than four decades supplying indoor tiles such as kitchen wall tiles and tiles suitable for outdoor installation. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.ambertiles.com.au.

Search Engine Optimization. When searching on a search engine using the keywords indoor outdoor tiles in Australia, the website is included on the top results. This means that the website was optimized for search engines. This is a plus because there is a high chance that the user is going to visit the website which could lead to sales.

Use and Navigation. Upon landing on the homepage of the website, the user knows right away its purpose. there are product categories presented as image tiles on the homepage and the pages are listed above the site such as Home, About Us, Products, News & Offers, DIY, Visualizer, Inspiration, Trade and Store Locator. The website is easy to navigate because of the tabs listed at the top of the page and everything is laid out. Users who know what they are looking for can conveniently use the search bar at the top right of the page.

Design and Layout. The overall design of the website is quite simple though the layout of the homepage can give off a crowded vibe. There is so much going on with lots of tiles, images and bold texts, it can be a lot to take on for users. It might be nice to trim down and put wider spaces in between to make it look less crowded.

Content. The content is straightforward and it has all of the information that the user might want to known especially about the company and its products.

Color and Font. The color used is consistent with the logo’s single color – orange. The white and orange combination can be too bright at times especially when reading therefore adding dark colors could tone it down a little. The fonts used are simple and easy to read especially since the visitors are more interested with the products such as kitchen wall tiles rather than fancy fonts.

Posted by kennypforrest