Web Design Critique: Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating

A simple white background with some widgets and colorful images, with a straightforward and appealing design, the kind of thing you would be expecting from a decorating company.

Arthur Fitzhugh Decorating’s website will greet visitors with two key widgets, with the company logo and the company’s phone number sandwiched in between. These widgets are useful for navigation; the topmost one has links to the company Twitter page, as well as the company’s phone number and e-mail, while the second one has links to the other pages in the site. The Our Services link on the second widget, however, just leads to the top of the page. Admittedly useful, but not the point of the link. Well worth noting that all instances of the company’s telephone number, mobile number or e-mail that’s in the site are all links.

This is in line with the site’s general approach to navigation; give visitors as many options as possible. On top of the widgets themselves, there are also navigation sections located on side of the pages, save for the home page. There are also small cutouts of Google Maps on the side navigation section, as well as the main header for the Contact Us page, which lets visitors go to Google Maps itself; it’s clear he’s in Northampton, but visitors might still want to get a better idea to see where the decorator is.The site is rather user friendly, with good icons and straightforward design.

As for the text in the content, it’s fairly straightforward, sporting the standard black text, with the right size to be legible, but not too big to feel like it’s wasting space in the page.Though, in some ways, the text does feel a little repetitive; quite a bit of it is just iterations of the site’s initial message: a decorator, he’s in Northampton, and why they’re worth hiring.

The images used for the site give it a splash of color, as well as that appealing visual element that a decorating company is expected to know about. Unlike other sites which are overly reliant on images to make a pitch, the images used here are just the right size to be noticeable, but not detract from the text. That being said, they, along with the layout and navigation, are still the strong points of the site.

All in all the site is well-designed with good choices in aesthetics and layout, though its content and text could use some refining.

Posted by kennypforrest