Web Design Critique: Beautiful Structures

For people looking at marquee hire prices in Brisbane, there’s a huge market out there, with plenty of options. Beautiful Structures Australia espouses itself as the best option, with the best value for the customer’s money. Their site does a fair amount to back up this claim, with plenty of images and videos of customers enjoying themselves in events. The presentation could use a bit of work, though.

As for the site’s layout, it sports a fairly standard structure. Header, main image, body, then footer. The header is a simple piece, with a solid white background, sporting links to all of the site’s pages, as well as the company’s contact information. It also sticks to the top of the browser regardless of how far a visitor scrolls down, meaning that it, and the navigational options it offers, are always available.

As for the main body, the text is fairly straightforward, and says what it needs to say, without coming across as unnecessarily long, or forcefully tacked on. That’s because it’s clear that it’s just there to compliment the real star of site; the visual media. It does feel weak at times, due to not really having much to set it apart much. The white background¬† is pretty standard, on top the header sporting the same white background, meaning that they somewhat bleed into each other.

The images are beautiful, vibrant, and features a lot of people in the events supposedly handled by Beautiful Structures, which gives them a humanizing element. They’re also a wonderful splash of colour that the site really needs, as the aforementioned white background and white header would otherwise overwhelm the site, and takes attention from the site’s otherwise standard appearance.

The pages on the site are loaded to the gills with images and visual media, so visitors to the site who use limited data or are on slower networks might have a bit of issue. All the same, there’s a lot of scrolling to be done on the pages, which is something that’s noted in some of them; which opt to use drop down tabs for their images.

Scrolling down, visitors will find links to the Contact Us, or text fields to get a quotation from the company. For those looking for an idea of marquee hire prices in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, it’s extremely useful.

Again, the site is somewhat generic in its presentation, though its layout is well-designed, easy to grasp and straightforward. All in all, a bit more polish, decoration and uniqueness would do wonders for it.

Posted by kennypforrest