Web Design Critique: Boardwalk Catering

Part of the difficulty in handing Sydney wedding catering is making sure that your presentation is right; the food has to look good, and taste good. Similarly, company website design demand that they not only have to look good, they also have to run good; they must appeal to visitors, while also allowing for easy navigation.

For the most part, Sydney wedding catering company, Boardwalk Catering, got the memo, with a straightforward site layout that uses very appealing images in order to draw in potential customers.

First thing that’ll greet visitors to the site is the standard header and main menu; the company logo, and link to the site’s pages, covering the essentials for a catering service; home, venue, packages, services, contact information (which also allows for a quotation and suggestions from the company), and the like. It’s also worth pointing out that there is no account control anywhere in the site, only a “Contact” page which asks for details and information about the event the visitor might look to book catering for. The problem is that this is only a single-instance thing, not like having an account on the site.

About the logos on the site, they’re all sporting the black and white colour scheme the site features. This includes the company logo, as well as the icons for the social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, usually seen in their iconic, vibrant colour schemes.

This black and white colour scheme is something that the site adheres to reverently, with all text being black amidst a homogenous white background. That comes across as somewhat of a detriment to the site, as the fairly verbose text feels somewhat lifeless and boring with just black and white.

The images do well when it comes to bringing vibrancy and colour into the site. They’re vibrant, lively images featuring well-catered food in stylish events that give visitors to the site a good idea of what to expect from Boardwalk Catering. The images are really well done, and are very eye-catching; the black and white background help them pop out really well.

So the problem with the site is that it invests too much into its images. The images that the site use are really good, really appealing, and are good examples of how to use images to market a brand, but the site focuses on them to the detriment of everything else.


Posted by kennypforrest