Web Design Critique: Cheap CD Keys

About cheap CD keys

CD keys are important passwords in the form of numbers, letters, and figures. They validate your purchase of video games and ensure that these games are authentic and are bought from a legitimate gaming store. Today, video games have already the CD keys whether buying them online or from a local store.

Search ability. Upon searching for the keywords “cheap CD keys”, they appear on the first page of Google search results. This is a good indication that these keywords are popular and widely searched about by consumers. It also has a registration box for customers who want to get updates on the best deals of the site which is advantageous to the users.

Usability. The keywords can lead you to many information about the prices of games as well as attractive pictures that describe a game.The pictures add more excitement to the users.

Navigation. There are different menus on top of the page arranged horizontally which are convenient to navigate. There are also drop-down menus for some of the pages. There is a back icon at the right most bottom part of the page that when clicked, will automatically bring you quickly back to the top of the page for convenience.

Design and lay-out. The design of the website is a bit simple.The header has a solid outlook that indicates masculinity which also relates to the games being displayed. The colors are few but still make the site speak of the games being offered. Upon clicking each game option, it quickly displays the details of the game as well as a comprehensive summary of the game. This will give the users a quick picture about the game. There are also other menus at the bottom of the page that will lead you to other information aside from the menu listed on top of the page. You can also see the different payment accesses at the lowest bottom of the page. This will inform the users about various banks and payment methods accepted by the website on purchase of items.

Contents. The website led by the keywords are informative and detailed when it comes to the description of the games as wellas other important menus that are useful to the users such as genres and platforms. With the information on the contents, the users can be properly guided to the option of their choice with convenience.

Posted by John