Web Design Critique: Crewdo

Crewdo is a company that provides services to brands and businesses through finding solutions. The company is dedicated in making business owners and company realize the importance of inbound marketing as well as outsourcing for the success of a business. To increase website traffic is very important for a business and this can only be achieved through proper web design combined with a winning marketing plot. Now we take a look at the company’s website and see if they walk the talk.

The first thing we’ll have to look at is the homepage of the website because it is the first thing that visitors see when they click on the link. The user experience while on the homepage will determine if they are going to stay and explore the site or leave. The homepage features a large banner image which covers the entire screen and in front is the company headline in big and bold font. The company logo is found at the upper left corner with a simple, white font.

Loading time is quite fast because the page is not loaded with high quality images save for the banner and there are no embedded videos waiting to load. Every highlight and link on the website is accompanied with an icon that easily catches the readers’ attention. There are no clumps of texts at one point but well spaced to encourage the readers to read the content.

At the upper right corner of the homepage, there is a hotline indicated for the company as well as a hamburger menu icon. Clicking it will reveal a dropdown menu including Home, Work With Us, Blogs, About and Guides. The last three parts are further subdivided into sections which can easily be found by clicking the “+” symbol. Ease of navigation is essential because first time visitors will leave the site as soon as they feel intimidated by the way a site works.

Overall, the company used simple, bold and readable fonts all over the site. Simple color scheme comprised of black, white, pink and blue is evident in the entire site which does not overwhelm the entire content. The website design is a good example of how to increase website traffic through proper web design.

Posted by kennypforrest