Web Design Critique: Daily Mail

Are you wondering how the website of king kong sabri suby is designed? Users can scroll through chunks of information without any distractions. As the user scrolls down the page, information simply appears. The design has more potential to engage users because there is less need to navigate to the other pages for more information.

The web design translates well to mobile devices. It is very likely that the web designer has considered the popularity of using mobile devices to access content. The technique of long scrolling is a well-accepted trend because it is intuitive and fun on mobile devices. It provides a better user experience than dividing content into several separate pages.

What appears at the top of page encourages users to start scrolling. Users become curious when they discover a fool-proof strategy to explode sales during the pandemic. What appears on the landing page will set the initial impression and the expectation of visitors. Users will only scroll if they find something interesting and promising enough.

The content of the landing page is broken down into several blocks that can be clearly distinguished from one another. Every block has its own call to action that a visitor will not miss. Call to action is redundant to increase conversions. Buttons must be clicked by the target audience to gain leads.

Content is very helpful and informative so that users can be expected to stay longer in the website. The design may not be as captivating to some because of the lack of colour and images but information will encourage them to stay put.



Posted by kennypforrest