Web Design Critique: Family Funeral Services

The key to designing a website is consider it an extension of the company brand; effectively the online representation of the company. If Family Funeral Services‘ website is anything to go on, they’re good, but in dire need of a touch up and an update.

The site features a solid white and powder blue colour scheme, which it uses for its logo, and for the important text. It also uses prominent dove iconography, which, given the association of the birds with peace and love, is a solid choice.

As for content, the site’s text are informative, and interesting. At times, it’s personal, but not needlessly or annoyingly so; a certain level of humanity and amiability leaks through the text, and makes Family Funeral Services more appealing. The text is fairly concise, which feels detrimental to the site at times, as the text says what it wants, and little else; leaving it feeling in need of some effusive descriptions at times.

There is nothing particularly noteworthy or unique about the site’s content, and the design and images (or lack of thereof), show this quite nicely.

As for navigation, the logo and header have the standard layout and functions that one would expect from a modern site, though it lacks any navigational tools alongside the actual content and in the body, nor does it have any shortcuts at the bottom of the page. That isn’t as glaring as other sites, though, due to the fact that the site and its pages aren’t too big, and doesn’t take too long to scroll down to the bottom.

Admittedly, that might be a case of damned by faint praise, as the site feels empty and barren at times. As mentioned before, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the site, though that, in itself, might be worth noting. Only the blog pages have images mingling with text to help speed things along and give visitors¬† an image to associate with the information, while all the others have nothing of the like to work for them. This, combined with the plain white background, and minimal use of the powder blue highlight colour, means that the site feels ascetic, and not in a good way.

Posted by kennypforrest