Web Design Critique: Having A Party

About Having A Party

Having A Party is a company for individuals and companies looking for a Melbourne marquee hire which also offers other products and services related to party and event planning. Among its range of products are catering equipment, structure marquees, heating, tables and chairs, cutlery and glassware and floor coverings among many others. The company’s website is located at www.havingaparty.net.au which we are going to critique today.

  • The website loads quite fast because the homepage does not contain heavy elements. Aside from the large animated header, there are only two large images when you scroll down along with a few thumbnails which serve as links to the products and services offered.
  • It is pretty easy to navigate around the website because there is a menu located at the top of the page. All products and services have been categorized and displayed with thumbnail images for easy access. It would be more convenient for customers if there is a search bar provided on the homepage so they can search right away for specific products they need without having to browse the entire list. The “Enquire Now” call-to-action button is located at the top right of the homepage beside the contact number which is easier for customers to spot right away.
  • The design of the website is minimalistic and the images used are strategically located in the homepage so as not to make it look crowded. It looks very professional and exudes a reliable atmosphere that will encourage visitors to book a rental.
  • There is smooth flow with the contents of the website. The spaces between texts and images make it easier to read. The middle part seemed to have too many paragraphs which can be shortened to include only the most essential information. There is a menu for products and services at the top of the page and a different format is also available at the bottom so there is no need for the user to scroll back up.

Overall, customers looking for Melbourne marquee hire might find the website impressive because of its clean and professional presentation.

Posted by kennypforrest