Web Design Critique: Home Union

First impression

My first impression of Home Union Investment Properties is one of sophistication and elegance. It is pretty clear to me what the company does by simply looking at their landing page. The call-to-action video is something that really caught my attention. When I checked the video, it made me trust the professionalism of the site. The video appears to answer the questions in the target audience’s mind. It is a promise that investing in real estate will be compensated fairly. The landing page has an image of a man who is working on a laptop that conveys to the audience the message that property investment can easily be done online. The image flows nicely into the page and yet it does not distract attention from the content provided.


The navigation bar is very simple and easily understood. The web designer has limited the navigation to 4 buttons with common navigation terms. When you click on “how it works” you will find 5 other links to different pages that explains the process well enough. Navigation is fairly consistent throughout the pages which means you won’t get lost when searching for information. It is clear that the purpose of the landing page is to get the visitor started on the investment process.


The page has distinct sections that make information easy to consume. The web designer has made good use of images, video and text to attract the attention of its target audience. The size of the fonts is easy to read particularly since black text was used on white background. The colors used are not overwhelming but stands out well enough to create a very elegant landing page. The landing page although simple is pretty solid and the web designer has seen to it that the call to action buttons is prominent without distracting from the beauty of the design.
The use of video is visually stimulating and it makes the website quite interesting. The image used speaks highly of professionalism. Content is arranged according to the order of importance which makes it easy for the user to access. It contains just right information without appearing too overloaded.

Posted by kennypforrest