Web Design Critique: https://earthwisehauling.com

This is a web design critique on how junk hauling Orange County engages with users through navigation, content, design and usability. People usually search online by typing phrases like junk hauling or junk removal in Orange County. Surprisingly, you will find the website in the first page of Google search results. Why? Because the site is optimized for SEO and the web designer has made it easy and efficient to browse through the pages. 


There is no question about the ease of finding information in this site. Content certainly fulfils its purpose to provide users with answers to their questions. Navigation is user friendly and allows a user to transfer to another page in just a click to a tab. The navigation menu at the top of the page is pretty consistent throughout the pages which mean that there is no problem when you want to return to the homepage.


The main horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page is quite common in many web designs because it makes the website easy to use. It is natural and logical to read from left to right. There are no further links at the bottom of the page because what is presented is call to action and save $50. It would have been more effective to put call to action and the $50 dollar savings at a more prominent part in the homepage because it is very easy for customers to be attracted to discounts.


Design is simple and effective. The colour theme is pretty consistent and easy on the eyes. The homepage has separate parts with bold sub-headings to break up information and make it easier to read and understand. Content is well organized and lacks clutter that can distract the attention of a user. There are no videos of advertisements which actually do not matter because the site provides informative and relevant content regarding the services it provides.

It is easy to move from page to page and gain fast results. Web design is quite good, creative and impressive and users will easily find the information that will make them confident to choose junk hauling Orange County services.

Posted by kennypforrest