Web Design Critique: https://irs.zoomfilings.com/

This site is a third party designee that assists customers in obtaining their EIN Number from the IRS. EIN is important for businesses so that they can apply for business licenses and permits and open a business checking account with a bank.

First impression

The first thing that will catch your attention is the use of blue in web design. Many people have a strong preference for blue because it is connotes importance and confidence without being too serious or somber. You will notice that Facebook design is also blue because Mark Zuckerberg thinks it is the best and richest color. Meanwhile, you will also notice the generous use of white background which makes reading easy. Readability is very important because the website has important information to share to readers particularly businesses.


Website design does not use images, videos or animation to attract the attention of online users. These tricks are not necessary because the site is all about serious information. It is not selling a product but it is offering an important service to businesses that are required to obtain an EIN Number in the state where they are operating. There is certainly an overload of information but it has been divided into sizeable chunks that make reading relatively easy. A user will not just scroll through the page but will invest time to read and understand the information provided. In the FAQ page, most of the questions of users are answered as thoroughly as possible. The words used are simple enough to be easily understood.


You will not find a navigation menu at the top of the landing page because it might distract the attention of the user from the importance of the logo. Instead, the navigation menu was placed at the bottom of the page just above the disclaimer of Zoom Filings. It is common for website design to place the navigation menu at the top of the page but FAQ is always down below because it can be comfortably reached by a visitor who is using a mobile phone. The most important part of the site is FAQ because it explains everything that a user needs to know about EIN Number and the process of application.


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