Web Design Critique: https://kingkong.com.au/

If you have read a king kong agency review, you will likely be curious about what their website offers. Do not be disappointed if you do not find attractive and engaging visuals because the focus of the design is informative content. However, there are interesting videos that will make you stay longer on the site.

At first glance, you will immediately understand that the website wants visitors to be absorbed with content while they browse the page. More often than not, the visitors to the website are potential leads who are looking for information on the services offered. Within seconds, a visitor will figure out what services are being offered to grow a business and explode its sales.

Web design highlights the digital agency’s skills through informative videos, testimonials, and strategy sessions. Potential clients can gauge the professionalism and reputation of the digital agency through the client testimonials. The website has also dedicated a section to highlight the companies they have worked with. If this is not enough to convince them, then nothing else will.

Web design is mobile-responsive which means that it can be accessed regardless of the device used. A mobile user can quickly find information to enhance the overall user experience.

The core colours of black and white are easy on the eyes. Yellow-green which is consistent with the brand’s logo is calm and reassuring. You will also find yellow-green colour when you need to stop scrolling to read the message. Call to action is consistent on the homepage. You won’t miss them because a call to action is clean, bold, and minimalist.



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