Web Design Critique: https://kingkong.com.au/

Based on King Kong digital marketing reviews, the company’s environment is honest, supportive and collaborative. Since most of the reviews come from the agency’s own employees, it is assumed to be honest and credible and speaks well of the company. Remember that the best judge of a company is its very own employees. However, it is also common for disgruntled employees to post something nasty.

The competition among digital agencies in the market is quite tough. It is important to ensure that visitors will be impressed with the website and how it is designed. After all, it is a digital agency and visitors have higher expectations.

It is typical for people to choose a service based on price. However, even if the price of a service is more affordable, people will not choose a business with bad labour practices and scandals. It is good trick to highlight Google rating of 4.7 based on 197 reviews. A consumer who wants to make a confident decision will search for the online reviews and see for themselves why King Kong was given a high rating.

The attention of visitors will naturally focus on the simple 2-minute video on how to explode sales. Leads can be generated by “Send me 5 ways to grow my business.” It would be difficult for a visitor to refuse the call to action that only requires the name and email address. Businesses certainly want to double their sales the soonest possible time.

Instead of colourful images and graphics on the homepage, the letter to the business builder can easily gain the attention of visitors. Who else posts a letter on the landing page? Not many, I suppose. The letter explains how online strategies can generate billions of sales. This is tempting enough to continue on browsing and eventually click on the “Get a free 30-minute strategy session.”

Web design is very straightforward without any clutter that will distract the visitor’s attention from the message that the website wants to convey. People expect a professional digital agency which means that design must be clear and concise in delivering the message. Content is king and well written content keeps visitors on the page.

Posted by kennypforrest