Web Design Critique: https://mydefence.ca/

The goal of most lawyer’s website is to provide the user with a great experience. Regardless of whether the law firm’s practice is family law or criminal defense law, it is important to focus on content that will attract clients to the practice. Websites of law firms come in different in layouts, styles and colors; check it out here.

The first thing that will greet you in the landing page is the image of Toronto’s’ skyline. The image is very captivating and encourages the user to scroll down to find more information. Lawyers need quality website design that reflects their professionalism and expertise. The web design must be tailored specifically to show the law firm in the best possible way.

The content of the website must immediately inform users what the law firm stands for, its values and the assistance it can provide. Making a first impression is very important and it this is achieved through the images of lawyers that belong to the law firm. It makes sense for people to know the lawyers who will help them with their case. It also provides users with the option to choose the lawyer they would like to work with. Web design gives the users the right impression which encourages them to collaborate with the law firm.

The generous use of white color is pretty noticeable. It is a great way to attract a user’s attention and drive home a message. White is elegant and it allows the web designer to highlight the message that it wants to put across. White also provides a sense of balance to offer the user with a better experience. White also improves comprehension and creates a more friendly design.

People are naturally drawn to a good web design but they do not judge a website based on visuals alone. Most users are looking for information to help them make a confident decision. While it is important to invest in aesthetics, a law firm’s website must include the information that users are looking for. They will trust a website that provides accurate legal information on the criminal justice system and its various elements.

Posted by kennypforrest