Web Design Critique: https://tecrep24.com/computer-diagnosis/

There are many common reasons why a computer will stop working. Age makes a computer slower and slower over time. Sometimes, programs have been repeatedly installed even if they are no longer needed. They consume memory which makes the computer slow. The problem can easily be fixed by tecrep24.com that provides 24/7 onsite computer repair services. Call the hotline, discuss your problem and a competent technician will visit your home.

First impression

People usually have a fixed idea on how a website must look. In website design, the simpler the better because it makes it easier for visitors to understand the message that the website wants to convey. The look and feel of this website can easily generate a good impression. The images that the web designer has chosen for the site make a strong first impression and the visitor immediately gets a sense that the persons are professionals and worthy of trust. Since people do not actually have a problem with scrolling, the web designer placed all the important and relevant information that users will search for on the landing page.


The navigation bar is visually prominent and contains labels that visitors will easily understand. When the visitor wants to know more about the services, they can continue to browse the other pages through the navigation menu. There are few items in the navigation menu which is good for search engines because more users will use the link on the homepage instead of the succeeding pages. The things that users look for a computer service website are prominently placed.


Users will never be confused with the content of this website. Content is relevant and informative and very easy to understand. There is a step-by-step tutorial on how to order for a computer repair service from technicians. The most common problems encountered are explained so that customers will not panic whenever the computer stops working. The web designer made a good choice with colors because it makes the website look professional. The message that content conveys is persuasive and convincing particularly with the prices of every package. Information is straightforward to gain the trust of visitors.

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