Web Design Critique: https://titantransline.com/

Quality service, exceptional value and seamless execution is offered by Titan Transline to its clients who require the most efficient solutions to their logistical needs. A website is an integral part of a logistics and trucking provider to generate strong brand presence in the highly competitive market. The website must represent the services provided and must effectively connect the company to manufacturers and retailers.

One of the essential features of the website is the transit time calculator because timely delivery is very crucial to businesses. Customers want to know the estimated delivery time whether it will meet their expectations. Call to action provides potential clients with a clear step on what to do to get a quote. Request a quote is a clear and concise call to action to take the next step for potential clients who want an estimate of transportation costs based on the most relevant factors.

Most potential clients want to know the services being offered on the homepage. Web design has been tailored to audiences that are too impatient to use the navigation menu to access more information. The interface is simple, straightforward and intuitive with prominent buttons and concise CTA’s so that the prospective client can complete the action in the quickest way possible.

The main goal of logistics websites is to gain the user’s confidence which means that the services must be highlighted as well the people working behind the scenes. It is a clever idea to provide potential clients with content in a concise and well-organized manner. There are no unnecessary details that will distract the user’s attention from the more important information.

Potential customers are given an opportunity to ask their questions through the “contact forms” throughout the website. However, the website has an effective FAQ page that addresses the most common questions. Web design is consistent throughout the pages including the navigation menu. Consistency in design makes the website look more professional and trustworthy.

The website is mobile friendly and whatever content is available through laptops and desktops can be also accessed through mobile browsers. Images have been chosen well with the same high quality on desktops and mobile.


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