Web Design Critique: https://www.illustratedmaps.com/

Illustrated maps have a history that dates back to centuries. They are different from traditional paper maps because the focus of a map illustration is on a specific area and the selection of particular features associated with the place. More information on map illustration can be accessed if you go to their website.

On the landing page, you will be greeted by a slider with an aircraft and hang glider flying over a certain place. Map illustrations show scenes from above at an oblique view or the view that a bird or pilot will see. The aerial view is focused on prominent parts of the landscape to elicit a customary feeling of identification. When you hover over a map illustration, it zooms to provide you with a better view.

The first aspect of web design that catches the user’s attention is visual appeal. Is it clean and easy on the eyes? The fact that the website is not overloaded with vivid colors allows that eyes to focus on the most important elements. The colors work harmoniously together and fonts are properly used for readability.

Navigation helps users find their way throughout the site without getting lost. Navigation is streamlined with only the most important keywords present so that the user will not be overwhelmed. The language used is easy to understand and optimized for users. Navigation is located on the top of the page which is an area that is familiar to most users. It provides users with an option to search for more information on the other pages.

The most challenging area of web design is content. Content resonates with users on an introductory level. It captivates user’s attention easily because the right quality and value is provided. Content is organized into bite-size pieces that is easier to read and understand. It is also enough to keep users engaged.

The generous use of white space highlights the importance of content. Call to action appears in the most appropriate place that aligns with the user’s experience. The user is allowed to read and understand information before he is presented with a call to action. It has a very specific goal to complete a conversion.


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